About Us

In 2015, I started making DIY candles as gifts for family and friends. This part-time hobby quickly turned into my passion. In 2018, I decided to pursue my dreams of candle making and created Corrina's Candles. I actually invested my small tax return into my first order of supplies. It sat around for a while because I was afraid to get started. I didn't have all of the resources at first. All the small tasks like creating a logo, figuring out stickers and a website seemed so daunting. Once I got started, all the little things started to come together and everything started falling into place with the hard work I put in.
There is nothing I love more than creating candles for customers. Seeing people's reactions to the scents and knowing that a candle can change someone's mood instantly is the reason why I create. Our products can change the atmosphere and vibe of a space, created with love from my home to there home. It's amazing.

Corrina's Candles uses American Grown, All Natural Soy Wax. Our candles do not contain dyes or additives. We use fragrances that contain essential oils and are pthalate free. I personally hand-pour, label, and package every candle. Each candle is handcrafted with care and with you in mind.

We have recently expanded our product options and now create hand made room + linen sprays and air fresheners. Our goal is to create safe and long lasting fragrance products that you can enjoy.

Corrina's Candles is an eco-friendly company and we strive to use as much recycled material as we can for our products such as stickers, business cards, packaging, etc. We highly recommend repurposing your jars after the completion of your candle.  

Thank you for letting us be apart of your home.

Corrina Colyer