Hansel & Gretel's House

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Hansel & Gretel's House

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Hansel and Gretel’s House combines gingerbread cookies and vanilla frosting into a deliciously fun holiday scent. This nostalgic, gourmand fragrance is a treat for kids of all ages. It brings back memories of building gingerbread houses together. This scent is perfect for family and friends who love sweet food fragrances. It's one of our personal favorites and we love bringing it back every year.

Notes of ginger, cream, butter, and graham cracker come through right away, while the familiar aromas of vanilla, molasses, and spices reinforce the deliciousness of this fragrance.

Offered in 6oz tins, 10oz wood wick candle jars, 17oz Candle Jars or 6-cube wax melts. Click the drop down menu to select your size.

Made with American grown all natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and fragrance oils.